GOP Rep. John Flemming whines that he has a mere 400K a year to feed his family and can’t afford the tax increase for millionaires. What the hell are they eating? Gold nuggets and diamond juice? 

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I really don’t remember having taken those pictures of myself, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t take them,” said Senator Arango. “I really don’t remember.

Sen. Roberto Arango of Puerto Rico, an anti-gay Republican has just resigned after a photo of himself bent over showing his naked rear popped up on a gay iPhone app. Must of been a tequila night, damn you tequila!


Cannot be a long time sugar daddy, but can for tonight. Would you be interested in keeping me company for a while tonight?

Indiana Rep. Phillip Hinkle was caught emailing a young man on Craigslist for a good time. Oh the GOP shame.


That was Rep. Doug Lamborn’s apology for calling President Obama a tar baby.

the gun has no safety but there was no danger because she didn’t have her hand on the trigger.

Gun toting Arizona Senator Lori Klein on how it’s ok to point a loaded gun with no safety at a reporter to show off the laser sighting in the Senate lounge.

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Being human, I have made a mistake and this has caused great hurt to my family, and I’m deeply sorry for that. I’ve served tirelessly and well my constituents and I want to apologize to them as well. While the discovery process in this case goes on, I am entitled to the same presumption of innocence as any other citizen.

Says the married Ohio “family values” anti-abortion advocate Rep. Robert Mecklenborg who just got busted for a  DUI while under the influence of Viagra with a stripper named Tiona in his car. All we need is Tiona to be a she-male little person dressed up in full furry gear.


They want to see two girls come together and have a mud wrestling fight,” the Minnesota congresswoman said. “And I’m not going to give it to ‘em.

Michelle Bachmann says NO to mud wrestling Sarah Palin. Too bad… Would be great for ratings.

“I don’t see anything in what I did that violated the rules of the House,” Rep. Anthony Weiner said confessing to the naughty sexting pictures.

“I don’t believe I did anything that violates any law or any rule.” 

What’s next, a sex tape with a giraffe wearing a business suit?

"For pure, blind stupidity, nobody beats Santorum. In my 20 years in the Senate, I never met a dumber member, which he reminded me of today," MSNBC reported

John McCain’s aide Mark Salter on Rick Santorum for saying McCain “doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works”. Wish all government officials were this open and honest about each other.

In regards to supporting the legalization of medical marijuana, Michele Bachmann politely says no.

In regards to supporting the legalization of medical marijuana, Michele Bachmann politely says no.